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Rummage Sale Treasures – Part2

Here are the pictures of the turtle neck turned into cardigan!2013-07-29


Rummage Sale Treasures

Good afternoon. I had quite an uneventful weekend. I did, however, hit a rummage sale on Friday after work and found some awesome tops, for myself, for 25 cents! How cool is that? One of the items was a fuchsia ribbed turtle neck. Guess what, I don’t like turtle necks! I bought it with the intention of cutting it up and sewing it into a cardigan. It only took me 30 MINUTES Sunday morning to complete! I even used the turtle neck material and made two pockets on the cardigan. I cannot wait to share the photos! More of this madness to come as I bought more than 1 of those bad boys at that rummage sale! Ta Ta

Middle of the Year Resolution

I’ve decided to make a “Middle of the Year Resolution”. Can you guess what it might be? You got it….to start actually blogging. Good golly, it’s been a year since I began this and a year since I’ve posted. Here’s to happy blogging, starting right now, in the “middle” of this year!