Monthly Archives: August 2013

Today is my birthday!

We don’t really have anything planned. Working a full day and hubby has plans with our daughter for hunter safety class this evening (more about my opinion on that another time). I’ll have the other three kids. Think I might stick a candle in one of the cookies I made yesterday and make them sing happy birthday to me! Sounds good to me! Speaking of cookies, I made “chocodoodles”. Found the recipe in one of my cook books. It’s a snickerdoodle, with cocoa powder mixed in with the dry ingredients! How good can it get? They are delicious. YUMMY! I’ll post the recipe soon. Maybe I’ll use two cookies instead of one, just to fit more candles on!


Packer Family Fun!

Well, the weekend is here! The family is getting ready to head to Green Bay, WI for Packer Family Fun Night. We are making a weekend of it with some good friends coming along. I’m not into football that much, but when you can go and watch the Packers for $10 a ticket, you almost have to! Sounds like it will be a great day for the FAMILY at an affordable price. Plus it counts as a summer vacation. Here’s to a great weekend, with great friends, great weather, great prices, great food (and beverage), and FAMILY TIME!
tie packer green